The “Barrel of life” From China

We called this looks like a green cartoon toy bucket as Arktek -- a kind of passive vaccine storage equipment. Its appearance looks not so handsome, but it was also called as “Barrel of life”just because it can easily and safety stored vaccines,became the important equipment to save many people’s life who live at poor areas .The productor is one of the famous Chinese refrigeration equipment manufacturers - AUCMA.
According to Li Wei ,Chairman of Aucma Co., Ltd.,introduced to the "Economic Daily"  reporter, Arktek has super vacuum sealing effect, needn’t use the electric.There are eight ice divider and three layer separate vaccines box in this barrel, which make the internal temperature  maintained between 0 ℃ to 10 ℃ during 35 days. It is easily to operate and fix, can take vaccine out at any time,so it is special designed for power shortages and transport inaccessible place--Africa . "We test the project many times at Africa, and got warmly welcome by African people." Li Wei said, "When Ebola outbreaked in Africa, we transform the barrel into a special equipment in which put Ebola vaccine , internaltemperature  can be maintained at minus 60 ℃ to minus 80 ℃. "
Xie Ruobo,Director of UNICEF's Office of Health and Nutrition ,who said to "Economic Daily" reporters: "Vaccines cause the disease which threat to human’s life for long time became history, it can help to prevent two or three million life per year. "Although immunization is one of the greatest achievements of modern medicine, still one fifth of the world's children can not get the basic vaccine protection due to its cost expensive and shipping difficult or other reasons . It was estimated that each year about 1.5 million children die of diarrhea and pneumonia which diseases could be prevented by vaccine , that is,a child would be die of a vaccine-preventable disease as per 20 seconds . In addition, there are tens of thousands of children each year suffered heavy disease afflicted.The lowest immunization rates area was countryside, such as Sub-Saharan Africa, where infrastructure is weak, power supply also not stable, life-saving vaccines stock is often short or out of date . "We often heard a mother take her child walking several miles get to the health station ,but finally found where the vaccine has been out of stock." Xie Ruobo said.
Vaccines is a kind of biological products which is very sensitive to the external environment, if stored it not in the appropriate temperature , its effectiveness would be decreased or even completely destroyed. Mr. Xie Ruobo proposed: "World Health Organization recommended vaccine refrigeration optimum temperature range is between 2 ℃ to 8 ℃, as for those vaccine which need freezing (such as Ebola vaccine), the appropriate storage temperature is minus 15 ℃ or lower .in addition, some other vaccines require stored in the dark. "Study proved that if the freeze those sensitive vaccine ,it will quickly lose effectiveness. If it was put under higher approved temperatures , the vaccine would lose part of effect at different period . 
Cold chain is the best condition of the entire process of keep vaccine quality maintained . The initial part of the cold chain is the vaccine manufacturers, through transport, storage, management and other process  and complete the vaccination for the end. In all process of the cold chain, vaccine should be kept in strict temperature range , in order to avoid kinds of possible security risks during vaccination.
How to establish a complete and efficient vaccine cold chain system? This is the great challenge for the global. From 2010 to 2013, World Health Organization reserched vaccine cold chain management system in more than 70 countries , there is no system match to the minimum standards of the World Health Organisation. Among them, Africa and Southeast Asian countries were significantly behind of the average lever.
Currently, formally approved by the UNICEF, AUCMA joined the United Nations global suppliers . Aucma PVSD vaccine storage products has got PQS which certificated by the World Health Organization ,which will list as the first product in the United Nations global procurement catalog. AUCMA show its MADE IN CHINA power again at the world stage.